Al Wire

Aluminium (atomic symbol: Al) is a soft, light weight and ductile material.

Melting Point 660°C (1220°F)
Boiling Point 2467°C (4473°F)
Density at 20°C (60°F): 2.70 g/cm³

It is one of the most common deoxidizer being used in steel industry just like Silicon. However, it also serves the purpose to steel grain refinement and heating element in specific applications and conditions.

Aluminium is having high affinity towards dissolved oxygen in molten steel. It is well known for fast reaction with reasonably lower cost for deoxidation.



Improper use of Aluminium may lead to tundish nozzle clogging during casting. For molten steel with Aluminium addition, very often it is coupled with Calcium injection. This is to improve good castability and internal product quality.


Typical Chemical Analysis
Element Al
% >99.5%


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