CaSi Cored Wire

Calcium Silicide (compound symbol: CaSi) is a dark grey to black solid compound which is insoluble in water.

Melting Point 1010°C (1670°F)
Density at 20°C (68°F): 2.40 g/cm³

CaSi is one of the most common calcium product widely used in steel making industry. With its nature of presence as a compound, it is much more stable against moisture and environment as compared to FeCa and Pure Calcium.

The main purposes of utilizing calcium are as followed:

  1. Deoxidation
  2. Desulphurization
  3. Non-metallic Inclusion Morphology Modification

Calcium in cored wire form is gaining its popularity because calcium is:

  1. Low in density
  2. Low solubility in molten steel
  3. Having low melting & boiling point
  4. High vaporizing pressure

Introducing calcium into molten steel through cored wire will significantly improve the performance in terms of recovery, consistency and reliability.

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Typical Chemical Analysis
Element Ca Si Al C
% 30-32 58-60 1 max 1 max


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