Pure Ca Rod

Calcium (atomic symbol: Ca) is a reactive, soft metal. Its application in steel industry had been started since 1970’s. Development to introduce Ca into molten steel had been starting from Ca lump addition, to lance injection of Ca powder, and now the cored wires.




Core target of using Ca in steel metallurgy is to deoxidize, desulfurize and most importantly carry out non-metallic inclusion morphology modification.



Steel making temperature generally at approximately 1600˚C, Al2O3 with melting point as high as 2050˚C will present in molten steel as solid inclusion. With increasing of Ca%, melting point of the calcium-aluminate complex oxides will gradually reduce.


Thanks to continuous technical improvement. Almat Asia develops an innovative product Seamless Pure Ca Rod that allows very high repeatable Ca recovery and cost effective.


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Type of Inclusion Chemical Composition (wt%) Melting Point (°C)
CaO Al2O3
Al2O3 0 100 2052
CaO-6Al2O3 8 92 1850
CaO-2Al2O3 22 78 1750
CaO-Al2O3 35 65 1605
12CaO-7Al2O3 48 52 1455
3CaO-Al2O3 62 38 1535
CaO 100 0 2570
Typical Chemical Analysis
Element Ca
% >98.5%


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